Welcome to the MARIS lab.

My name is Dr Zoë Doubleday and I am a marine ecologist, Superstar of STEM, and Australian Research Council Future Fellow. I run MARIS lab - a  new research group based at the University of South Australia.


At MARIS we're on a mission to deliver science that is relevant and responsive to addressing today’s environmental challenges. We're also on a mission to ensure science is not hidden behind closed doors but rather communicated to the media and public.

Our research is built around 4 key themesIf you're a researcher, student, media professional or industry representative and would like to know more about what we do, or explore new and creative ideas with us, please get in touch. The more diverse the better!



Research @ MARIS Lab

MARIS / mɑːˈriːz / name [origin: Latin] 

1. of the sea

2. MArine Research for Innovative Solutions

Dive in below to find out more about each of our 4 research themes or contact us to learn more about what we do. We work with a diverse range of national and international collaborators from government, university and private institutions. We welcome your fresh perspective and expertise.