Welcome to the MARIS lab.

My name is Dr Zoë Doubleday and I am a marine ecologist and Future Fellow with the Australian Research Council. I run MARIS lab - a passionate, #scicomm-focussed research group based at the University of South Australia.


At MARIS, we're  on a mission to build ecological knowledge about the marine realm and develop solutions to address today’s environmental challenges.

And we're also on a mission to ensure our research reaches the broadest possible audience.



About MARIS Lab

MARIS is a new marine research group based at the Future Industries Institute, University of South Australia.


We love biominerals, isotopes, cephalopods, fisheries biology, sustainable marine industries, inter-disciplinary research, creativity in science, diversity in STEM and more...

We currently have an exciting PhD opportunity available. Please contact me if you're interested.

MARIS / mɑːˈriːz / name [origin: Latin] 

1. of the sea

2. MArine Research for Innovative Solutions

Research Themes

  • Using biominerals and geochemical tools to unlock the biological histories of aquatic animals 

  • Identifying better methods to track the provenance of seafood and combat seafood fraud

  • Boosting the readability and readership of scientific writing

Research News & Publications