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Welcome to the MARIS lab.

My name is Dr Zoë Doubleday and I am a marine ecologist, Superstar of STEM, and Australian Research Council Future Fellow. I run MARIS lab - a research group based at the University of South Australia.


At MARIS we're on a mission to deliver science that is relevant and responsive to today’s environmental challenges. We're also on a mission to ensure science is not hidden behind closed doors but communicated to the media and public.

Our research is built around 4 key themesIf you're a researcher, student, media professional or industry representative and would like to know more about what we do, or explore new and creative ideas with us, please get in touch.



Research @ MARIS Lab

MARIS / mɑːˈriːz / name [origin: Latin] 

1. of the sea

2. MArine Research for Innovative Solutions

Dive in below to find out more about our 4 research themes or contact us to learn more about what we do. We work with a diverse range of national and international collaborators from government, university and private institutions. We welcome your fresh perspective and expertise.


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