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Spring graduations

Two by two we walk, snaking our way to the grand hall, hats bobbing in the sunlight, robes jostling. The academic procession enters, absorbing the pride and dreams and smiles of 1000 faces.

I love graduations: the ritual, the ceremony, and the yearly reminder about the great and strange things of our age-old profession. And I this year I was lucky enough to graduate my second and third PhD student.

Dr Kayla Gilmore (far left), who investigated the long-term physiological impacts of hypoxia in freshwater fish, as well as developed the science to trace its occurrence through time.

Dr Jasmin Martino (far right), graduate and Valedictorian, who used both otolith chemistry and sclerochronology to better understand physiological processes in fish. Jasmin is now undertaking her post doc with me at UniSA.

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