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Unlocking the secret lives of marine animals using shells and bones

We use chemical fingerprints locked within the biomineralised tissues of marine animals (shells and bones) to understand how they move around, where they come from, and how the environment changes around them. 

Combatting seafood fraud

This is a major research project funded by the Australian Research Council. Here we blend marine ecology, geochemistry, and proteomics to address the global challenge of seafood provenance & authentication. In doing so, we can help combat seafood fraud and illegal fishing that is reducing the sustainability of our fisheries and their ability produce healthy protein for millions of people.

  • Our first papers in this space will be coming out in 2021! 

  • See media coverage here and here

Towards better management and conservation of octopuses 

Zoë Doubleday has over 10 years experience working with octopuses and other cephalopods and is a regular media commentator on all things cephalopod. We have a range of current projects underway supporting the sustainable management of octopus fisheries, as well as understanding how they adapt to environmental change. 

Reimagining science communication for a brighter future

Our mission is to ensure science is not hidden behind closed doors but rather communicated to the media and public.  We not only undertake research on how to boost the readability and readership of what scientists write, but challenge the status quo on how science is communicated.

  • Select papers and articles in TREE, PNAS, Elife and Nature

  • Pictured left: Launch of our new app "Octopus Estate", which was developed by MOD. and inspired by our research on octopus. Download now from Apple store or Google Play.