portrait Zoe 2019.jpg

Dr Zoë Doubleday

ARC Future Fellow & lab leader


Dr Jasmin Martino

Research Associate

Jasmin investigates naturally-occurring chemical markers to reconstruct  life histories in marine species and support sustainable ecosystems and fisheries. See her UniSA profile for more details. 


Erica Durante

PhD Student (commencing)

Erica will commence her PhD on octopus fisheries biology at UniSA once travel restrictions are lifted.

Qiaz Hua

PhD Student 

Qiaz is undertaking her PhD at Uni of Adelaide on octopus genetics & proteomics; Qiaz is supervised by Zoe and Prof Bronwyn Gillanders.

Divya Daryanani

Honours Student 

Divya is based at UniSA and is using  biomineral chemistry to track the provenance of octopus; Divya is supervised by Zoe and Jasmin.

Elise Boultby

Honours Student 

Elise is based at Flinders Uni and is using stable isotopes to track the provenance of abalone across Australia; Elise is supervised by Zoe, Jasmin, and Dr Ryan Baring.

Vacation Scholars


Rachel and Courtney are working us over summer where they will be testing innovative technology to identify the authenticity of seafood. They are supervised by MARIS and the proteomics group at UniSA.

MARIS Alumni


James Peyla (Postgraduate Fulbright Fellow)

Madi Mclatchie (Research Vacation Scholar)